Welcome to 2008!

Happy New Year!

Once again the sands of time shift into the future to become the present.  Soon to be the past, this is an opportunity to take an objective look at our lives.  It’s resolution time!  What of our goals have we accomplished this year and where were our failures?  Mine are many on both sides of the tablet.  After all, we are being objective here. 

I didn’t learn Spanish in 2007.  That said, I didn’t learn it in 2006, 2005, 2004, etc. either.  For the better part of this decade I’ve made the same resolution every year and still I resist change. 

It’s not that there aren’t plenty of reasons to learn Spanish.  I can count it being one of the classical romantic languages.  I consider myself a romantic soul.  Not everyone does but I do. 

I would regale in the fact that I was bilingual.  I’m not but some have questioned that because of the “colorful” words I sometimes use.  They would swear that I was.  They shouldn’t swear.  Even my dogs know that.

I would certainly increase my readership if I learned to write Spanish.  I’m not sure this is a plus for the more than 25% of the American population that considers Spanish to be their native language.  I do though. 

It would give me the opportunity to relate my pithy words of wisdom to a whole other crowd.  That they might not agree that my words were relevant or wise does not bother me a wit.  I’d have fun.

Speaking Spanish would give me an additional point of observation for how others live and perceive the world.  This is seen as good by me but my brain would probably see this as just another cluttered branch off of an already cluttered trunk of thought.  It may be right.  I’ll have to chase that thought for a while.  I’ll let you know if I catch it.

The last positive my sleep-deprived, alcohol-swollen brain (I’m not saying that I drank but my neighbors did have a loud New Year Eve party last night) has perceived as a positive is the colorful, depth-of-character that speaking Spanish would show.  Bilingual people are assumed to be worldlier and more mysteriously interesting than someone who has never learned a second language. 

In light of this revelation perhaps I should also learn Chinese because they are becoming such a world power these days, German because I’d understand why they think they make the best of everything in the world and we can’t forget French lest we forget French.  While I’m on a tear I should add Portuguese, Finnish, and Swahili.  

I’m not really sure if the world is really ready for me to learn a second language but, once again that is one resolution I’m making today.  So in the spirit of the New Year, ¡Feliz Año Nuevo Cada Uno!


©2008 Patrick Lalande All Rights Reserved


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