Happy Birthday Dad!

Memory Fails!

What a headline!  Everyone that knows me knows that the things I remembered last year, or last week, or yesterday, may not what I remember today, or tomorrow, or ever again.  Therefore it should not be a surprise when I admit that I forgot my dad’s birthday.

So, in an effort to explain, I offer this timeline as a mea culpa:

November 2007 – 2 months before Dad’s birthday

Mentioned to “My Beloved” that my Dad’s birthday should be placed on the 2008 calendar when we get one.  Asked help to remember.  She agreed. 

1st Week of December, 2007

Mentioned to “My Beloved” as we picked up Christmas cards, that I should pick up a birthday card for my father.  Didn’t see anything I liked so choose to wait.

2nd Week of December, 2007

Found card for Dad but didn’t have the cash.  Picked up milk instead.

3rd Week of December, 2007

Finished Christmas Shopping.  Recieved Calendar in Mail.  With my Dad’s birthday in mind, I suggested that we write all of the birthdays we needed to remember on the calendar.  “My Beloved” agreed it was a good idea.

Last Week of December, 2007

Finished playing Santa to friends and family.  Was proud that I remembered my parents and all the presents shipped on time (My Beloved” influence).  “My Beloved” agreed. 

New Year’s Day, 2008

(Read “Happy New Year”)

January 2nd, 2008

Jumped into work for the new year with resolve.  Posted for first time on WordPress.com

January 4th, 2008

Reminded “My Beloved” my father’s birthday was coming up and I should pick up a card.

January 5th, 2008

Started using calendar on computer. Finished 100th rewrite of article for family member.  Editor suggested changes.

2nd week of January, 2008

Corrected manuscript with editor-inspired suggestions.  Memtioned to “My Beloved” that my father’s birthday is coming up.  Wrote and posted “Everyone has a Prediction”, (             two days late               )   and wrote this “Mea Culpa”.

Sorry Dad.  Hope you had a Happy Birthday.  I love you anyway.


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