Smart Fortwo Car awarded international accolades

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

From a press release by Daimler AG  

 The well-known Italian automobile publication ’Quattroruote’ has awarded the smart fortwo cdi a special accolade on account of the car’s exemplary consumption and environmental friendliness.

Stuttgart, Jan 24, 2008
smart fortwo cdi, exterior 
Smart Fortwo Cdi, Exterior picture compliments of Daimler AG

“…the specialists at the Italian publication ‘Quattroruote’ singled out the smart fortwo cdi for a special award – the only one presented directly by the magazine. The award is a tribute to the extraordinary environmental friendliness of the trendy two-seater, which proved its status as a 3-litre car during an extensive test drive by the Italian car magazine.”

In justifying the presentation of the special award ’Quattroruote’ wrote: “the smart fortwo cdi was the first car in the world to realise an average fuel economy of 3.3 litres per 100 kilometres over a total drive of 1000 kilometres. This is an excellent result, which meets the highest demands concerning environmental aspects and energy conservation – combined in a car which is affordable by everyone”.

Thanks to its direct-injection diesel engine the smart fortwo cdi also boasts emissions of just 88 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre, making it the world’s CO2-Champion.

The smart fortwo has already been awarded the ’ÖkoGlobe’ and an environmental certificate from the ‘Öko-Trend’ institute. According to a study by the German automobile club ADAC the smart fortwo is also Germany’s most economical car.”

Congratulations Smart Car!  It seems that the Smart Fortwo is really making a big statement. 

We shall see how much demand the little car commands here in the United States.  I hope it does well, but there is some doubt that Americans will give up their vehicular monstrosities for something so small.  And as of yet, the diesel engine referred to in this article is not available here.



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