Moving Mania

Moving is such a pain.

I’m moving this week. I started moving last week.  I may be moving next week too. 

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.”  I forget where I heard that quote.  I think it was the Bard. 

Whoa!  I was just going to lament the situation I got myself into over this move.  And, just now, I received a phone call.  I’ll get back to that. 

I’m combining two households into one in a round-robin type fiasco.  Why a fiasco?  I already spent 1 day out of my busy schedule moving a total of one item from one place and putting it on a truck.  That truck went way north of me to drop its load and took my help with it.  This Thursday, the 31st, was suppose to be the day that I move all my stuff from here to my new place.  Including 30 pieces of furniture and 100 boxes.  Their return is delayed.  No help for the move.  At least, everything has been pretty much packed….

I digress.  Back to the phone call.  The largest problem I could see happening to “ice the cake”, so to speak, is that the truck rental would go astray.  I’m working on a tight time schedule anyway and with 2 of a 4-man moving team missing in action the schedule is tighter yet.  I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I sat down to write this post when the phone rang. 

“Hi, this is _____ from the truck rental company. (Oh, no!  The other shoe.)  I was calling about the truck rental for tomorrow.”  My heart jumped, my spirits sank. 

“Yes”, I said. 

“Well, I was calling to confirm the rental and …” (Here we go.)” …the truck is ready right now.  I realize it is a day early but I can give you another day with the truck at no charge if you’d like to pick it up today. “

Yeah!  I hit the lottery.  I’m now trying to fit picking up the truck early into an already full day.  Wish me luck.

I’ll let you all know how the move goes and I’ll also let you all know what company I rented the truck from when I get back on-line; barring problems with my Internet installation at my new place.  If all goes well, the truck rental company should be lauded. 

Till “a próxima semana , la semana que viene”.  With wrinkled brow, I wonder if that translation holds.  Oh, well.  Till next week.



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