Jim, I’m listening to your headlines

A Better understanding of what’s next

  Patrick Lalande on WordPress 

I do a lot of research through my understanding of what news headlines tell us.  A lot of times, I come across articles that are so well written that I would wish everyone read them. 

Jim Jubak, “the Web’s most-read investing writer”,  as defined by the editors of MSN Money, has recently posted just an article in his “Jubak’s Journal” titled Where the bear will bite hardest“. 

In my recession series, I have tried to make the moves that the stock market, and the economy, are making now, and in the months ahead, more understandable to the masses.  Its a tough goal but someone has to attempt it. 

Jim and I are saying the same thing in our own way.   In order to validate Jim’s ideas , you must trust and remember what he says.  This is easy for someone who has followed Jim’s works for years.  But, it could lead the casual reader to confusion.  

Just like for a deer in headlights, confusion causes cognative disconnect.  Jim just comes out and explains how things are, in real terms.  I try to give you a way of seeing how things are, for yourself, so that you may understand the timing and effects they have.

No matter how you can best incorporate the concepts and ideas that Jim and I are trying to expose you to, please note the warnings that our words impart.  Recession, elation, euphoria, ups and downs, rallys and market drops, are going to happen.  Learn to recognize market and economic cause and effects, and profit from them.


Ok.  I feel better now.  Back to the move.


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