There are others, We must find them

 Another nibble – Don’t let American Creativity go to waste

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

On Januarary, 21st I wrote “Idea Nibbles – Idea Collaboration“.  It was a clarion call for creative thinkers and forward-looking individuals of all walks of life to join me in a quest to develop the creativity of the American mind. 

That sounds pretty intense as I write this, but in practice, it’s just friends helping friends with whatever they can do.  

Today, I read a forum post on Scientific American’s Website that eerily echoes a concept that I had in the 90’s. 

Application of Voice to MIDI Conversion for the Benefit of Quadriplegics   Dec 28, 2007

I defined it as a computer recognizing musical notation.  With a zippy title like that it was no surprise that no one was interested in it.  But truly, it really was a lot more than the title belied. 

Not only did Dan echo the idea but also the rumination that he found no interest in it.  I think it is a GREAT concept.  Perhaps my readers; the accountants, the investors, the scientists, the students, the hobbyists, the teachers and any others might want to investigate this and tell me what they could do to advance such a noble cause. Every little bit helps.


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