Smart Car Fortwo mpd=12

Smart Fortwo getting Buzz

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

smart fortwo cdi, exterior

Now that the smart Fortwo is here in America, the public is going to start analyzing it based on their needs and desires.  

Lawrence Ulrich gives us another way of looking at it.  In his post “Gasoline’s New Math: Miles Per Dollar” he points out exactly where the stylish little car fits into the American driving experience.  

 If your interests lie in owning one of these babies, one way to help you know what you are getting is to read Larry’s article.  If your interests lie in other areas like money, ecology, or alternative energy, then you may still want to read Larry’s article.   The sub-heading, “It’s time to look at fuel consumption, and our national chug-a-lug gasoline habit, in a new way.”, is just a teaser.


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