Recession headline: Bears like sinking ships

Flotsam soon to be on beach 

Patrick Lalande on WordPress


If you want to see the future just read the headlines

Are you getting anything out of this concept?

Every day brings us new headlines so that you and I can understand just where our ship is heading. 

Through the stock market, I have noticed our cruise ship passengers vacilating between the ticket counter and the lifeboats.  I, for one,  will be watching this drama unfold with morbid curiosity while my life vest is firmly secured around me.    

The latest headline was brought to us by Matt Krantz of USA TODAY’s Money section on Febraury 6th.

Nasdaq lumbers into bear market territory” is an interesting article but Matt finishes with this:

The fact the Nasdaq is off 20% is not necessarily a cause for alarm and is partly just noise, says Oliver Wiener, trader at BTIG. Still, having the Nasdaq in a bear market is a sign “there is a lot of stuff overhanging the markets that has yet to be resolved,” he says.

 I’m just reading headlines.


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