Capitalism vs Activism: Microsoft deals with both

75,000 sign petition: Save Microsoft Windows XP 

Who wants Vista?  Who wants XP?  Now, you can decide which side you are going to be on and voice a vote for XP.  

  Patrick Lalande on WordPress

Warning:  Rant ahead!  It’s not about Microsoft

In reading the headline below, the thought struck me that a vote for XP is like Luddites throwing thier wooden shoes into machine.  It really only serves to slow progress.  Not to stop it.  Activism is not supposed to stop progress but to redirect it’s energies toward the common good.  That is saying that the activist knows what the common good is.   

What could the solution be?  If you are really interested in gaining a more flexible software package, rather than thwarting Microsoft’s attempt to improve their software and their collective pocketbook, I suggest that your best route would be to turn your energies towards capitalism.  If these people would spend the time and effort that they are using to resist change, on making change happen, they would be in a much stronger position.  Surely, 75,000 people could do something together to improve their plight.

I suggest letting the marketplace work.  Help it.  Work on and with companies that support open-source.  Spend your monies voting for what you believe.  Develop your own open-source software.  If open-source software was such a threat to Microsoft they would figure a way to compete.  Become an capitalist activist rather than whining Luddites.  Everyone would benefit. 

What’s your problem now?  You tell me.


 More than 75,000 Signatures Collected to Save Microsoft Windows XP
InfoWorld’s petition drive unearths strong concerns over the new Windows Vista San Francisco, CA – February 7, 2008 – InfoWorld, the leading Web site for information technology decision makers, announced today that more than 75,000 people have signed InfoWorld’s “Save Windows XP” petition ( in the three weeks since it was launched — many with passionate, often emotional pleas to not be forced to make a change. While many businesses are willing to make the switch, other see the cost as too high. “We believe that users should have the choice,” said Galen Gruman, executive editor of InfoWorld. Microsoft plans… more

Posted by InfoWorld Marketing on February 07, 2008 at 09:54 AM


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