Smart car – Smart Safety: Fortwo rocks!

“Smart things come in small packages”


“Safe things come in smart packages”.

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

It use to be said, “Good things come in small packages”.  Now, perhaps that phrase should be something like the above sub-titles. 

I have been asked how safe I thought the Smart Car would be in an accident.  Although I have had small cars since I started driving, I have never really felt safe in them.  This may stem from totalling my first car, an “70” MGB, after having it for only two months.  I wasn’t my fault, I swear.  Nevertheless, the car crumpled like a piece of paper while the other car remained nearly undamaged until the drive panicked and rolled into a ditch.

I also crash-tested a Chevy Chevette and a Chevy Metro.  And, I am now working diligently on testing a Chevy Aveo.  I would dare to say that I’d feel as safe or safer in the smart Fortwo. 

Early pre-release, here in the States, I got a glimpse of a picture of the roll cage that goes into our little friend.  I dare to say, I was not impressed.  I couldn’t believe that anything so small could really be safe. 

My mind was changed when I saw a crash test on YouTube a few weeks ago.  If you haven’t seen it yet you can see it here.  That prompted me to dig up the picture of the roll cage which the good folks at Diamler Chrysler calles a safety cell.

smart fortwo coupé tridion safety cell


   Picture courtesy of Diamler Chrysler Media 

 It may not look like much but after watching the Youtube crash video and having air bags to surround me, I’d think I’d even let feel safe driving it in Florida.  If you know what I mean.



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