Spending, Inflation, data, hit – This story is written by the headline

Another headline, another day.

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

photo_2808_20070815-crumpled-dollar-bill-2_400x180.jpg  Do you remember  “Recession headline: Bears like sinking ships“?  Keep it in mind when you read the rest of this story.

I awoke from a fitful sleep to read a headline that pretty much says it all.

Spending, inflation data to hit Wall St.  I would add “this week”.

 The article explains it but within the headline I see the relevance in these words; Spending, inflation, data, hit (hit as a noun).  For you market watchers out there, recession is still in the cards.  For you consumers, recession is still in the cards.  For you market traders, flat to down, in that order.

Play your cards well my friends.  It looks like the bottom hasn’t been hit.  Our boat is still sliding toward a reef. 

However, if you’re a little long-term, I’ve seen some positive signs.  The headline reader in me says to start watching for two things from the headlines; total resignation that the government and market movers have done what they could, and positive view towards consumer spending. (timeframe? 3-5 months)  Remember that there is still good companies out there.  


Just a note: I’d like to know how many of my readers are getting “it”.  If you think you know what “it” is, let me know. 

What is “it”?


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