Superb job Mr RL, I can have a drink now!

I couldn’t drink the water.  Do you have this problem?

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

Quality tap water was only a distant dream.  Water at my new house wasn’t drinkable, even though I have a complete water system installed.  My mini-aussies (picture below) wouldn’t even touch it.

The problems were numerous.  The well hadn’t been used in over a year.  It was too salty because of the water softner.  It had a funny smell and it tasted most like dead, fish tank water. 

I’d never had to care for a water system before as I’ve always made use of municiple water and a filtered water jug.  That was enough until I moved.  Now, the entire household was drinking and cooking with bottled water because of the problems listed above.  How did I deal with it? 

Mr R.L.

Mr. R.L. was the independent contractor, sent by my property management company, to check the system and adjust it if need be.  He knocked on my door when he was done. 

“Hi.  I’m Ron L.  I just adjusted your water system.  It should be better for you.”  If you have any more problems, just call me.  Don’t even bother with the management company.  They just call me anyway.”

“Thank you, Ron.  I was wondering if I could take just a moment of your time to ask you a couple question about what everything is out there.  Would you mind showing me?

“Not a bit.”

It was the best education I could have had.  That kicked off about 20 minutes of question-answer with Mr. RL answering every one of the questions with more than just the answers.  He  also volunteered tips and tricks to get the most out of my water system.  When he left, I felt very confident that I would soon be able to drink water from my tap, once again.

It has been 1 week since he dropped by.  I am happy… no, elated… to annouce that I can and have slowly returned to drinking tap water.  Not just drinking but cooking with it, and my two mini-aussies will now drink it too.


Superb job, Mr. RL.  We tip this drink to you! 

How many other people are having the same problems I was having? Do you?  



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