Hillary, Obama; Facts, Headlines and a Story

Hillary vs Obama,  The Truth is where you find it

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

I’m a firm believer that the majority of the headlines will give up a story before the story actually breaks.  Go ahead.  Ask me what headlines I’m talking about.


First, in my own defence, I don’t normally go to political blogs or anything close.  I’m to partisan for that.  It just gets the old blood pressure up.  Nope, I don’t normally read them so I don’t normally write them. But just yet now, I don’t have a dog in that fight so fair being fair, I’ll just let the tree’s fall. 

Headlines are headlines, though, and going back to my boyhood, I was told, “…all the work …’s b’tween the rows.  Heh, heh.  They were talking ’bout corn an’ beans (soy) there, folks.

But I started reading some WordPress post…jumped to a link that landed me to another post, for another blog, went through several news stories… seemed to be about health…, and lo and behold, I ended up on HillaryClinton.com.  That wasn’t the weird part. Go ahead.  Ask me what the weird part was.


I’m one of these just-the-facts, ma’am, t-y-p-e persons.  So that was my next link.  Do you know that there lady has a whole newsroom on her site… And part of that is the “Fact Hub”.  Yep.  I was right there shaken my head wondering what a fool thing I did to get my to this juncture in my life.  But I persevered.  I kept my eyes open and my brain engaged.  Thinkin’, sort to speak. 

And that’s when it hit me.  POW!  Right between my eyes… Of all that I read, you know? Nearly every one of those stories were about Obama.  And, nearly every one of them was saying he got his facts wrong!  As I recall, there wern’t one story about how she got ‘er facts right.  And in every, single, story, there was always an interpretation that was the right one. 

I’m not saying which but I’ll say one thing.  That there Hillary lady, she must be feeling pretty sorry for herself right now.  She ain’t talking all that positive and with all that clucking and cawing on the hub, as well as the… now she wouldn’t call it mud-slinging.   Let’s just hep her out and call it “dust dancin'”…and she still can’t get anything to stick to that Obama feller. 

I’m expecting her to either give up and go home or do more than dust dancin’.  By golly, if she keeps up enough I bet you it’ll rain someday, and we all know what we get when rain hits the dust now, don’t we? 

 Patrick (Just a plain ol’ country boy)


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