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Once you get past the political slant and get a really clear view of just how the little guy can get creamed in this economy, World Business Academy Blog and it’s post “Wages. Remember them?” makes it real clear what I’ve been saying all along. 

If you talk to the common man on the street, the description of his life is a lot different that what you hear coming from “the boys up top”.

And then read the article, ” Credit Card Reform May Be Possible” , on credit cards below that if you really want to get riled. 

And they (the boys up top) think we aren’t heading into a recession. 

I was speaking with a neighbor today and the conversation went like this;

Patrick: “Hey Hank (name changed to protect the innocent)”

Hank: “How goes it, Patrick?”

Patrick: “Going good!  I just can barely wait to get my hands on the $600 the government is going to give us for economic stimulus.”

Hank: “Me too.”

Patrick: “What you gonna spend your money on, Hank?”

Hank: “I’m going to pay down my credit card debt.”

Patrick: “Me too.”

I just hope my fellow “common” men and women understand that this stimulus money is just another way to put aid to the “boys up top”  I’ve estimated that over 1/2 Trillion dollars have been written off so far…if we did that we’d be in jail…and by the time this “little downturn” is done America will have been devalued by over a Trillion dollars.   Just to put that into perspective, that’s


or roughly, $3333.33 for every man woman and child in America.

Oh! Plus $600 for every taxpayer, and a few others, to boot.

You know the saying about the grass being greener, but I’d say it another way in this instance.  “The pork is always fatter on the other side.”  And this other side?  Its where “the boys up top” are sitting.



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