Smart Car Test Drive Scarcity

Smart Car test drive offer may generate more interest than “Dan’s Bake Sale”

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

Smart Car Fortwo  Smart cars are hard to come by.  From all indications test drives are too.  There is a long waiting list for the car. 

I cruised by a local dealership and didn’t see one car on the lot… I’ll keep checking. 

In the meantime, although too far away for me to partake, a Chattanooga, TN car dealer is going to have a test drive day.  If you’re interested, the article link is below.  

Test Drive the Smart Car for One Day Only in Chattanooga 

This event may have more interest than “Dan’s Bake Sale”, a Rush Limbaugh inspired impromptu bake sale that was staged just to get enough money to a subscription to Rush Limbaugh’s newsletter.  A chance remark by the famed talk-show host a few days before the event let the cat out of the bag.  It’s noted here because estimates were that over 100,000 people showed up.  I was in Colorado where the bake sale was held and it nearly buried the whole state in traffic.   So, any of you that go, be careful and drop me a comment on how it went.  OK?



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