Spam and the scrapers; castlemainefringe and others

Scapers fill my spam box.  Castlemainefringe and others know who they are.


Spam is spam, is spam.  By any name and by any method, spammers work to profit off the efforts of others.  

To stop scraping,

I started to post my name prominently on the top of each of my posts.  It seems that it shows the true nature of the scraper when the post starts; “Unknown says blah, blah, blah…Patrick Lalande on WordPress… blah, blah, blah…  Today I’m going to try doing it in all caps for even more visibility within their scrapes. 

In my recent post, National Techmark, bibomedia and spam – What an Review!, I sounded off on some of the spam that I’d received.  It was a hit.  It seems that there are times that decent people unite and good comes out of it.  It also is apparent, from comments and my various efforts, we see “common men and women” see those that spam in a different light than they see themselves. 

I’m not oppose to someone profiting from value added to something I post.  That is the American way.  Improve and profit from that improvement.  But giving credit where credit is due is also a matter of decency. 

I stand by my posts and am glad that I have been given the opportunities, by the good people at WordPress and more, to have my opinions heard.  I could not have, as easily, created “A Mind’s Diet” without them. 

Spammers have caught on.  Using’s sister company,, and other availible software made available for free to everyone, spammers I call “scrapers” are using this method to fill my spam box.  Everyday.  Relentlessly. 


By keeping their page’s ratio of links out to to relevant content below the radar of most search engines and possibly their own ISP, these spammers create page after page of nothing but a a quote from my post long enough to include a key word they are trying to target, and then a link back to my post.  This all surrounded by advertisement.  These posts are usually un-categorized, un-enhanced, un-inspiring and un-credited, but still they link back to my posts.   

These sites are funded by innocent people who land on their site and click an ad link (Thank you, Google).  In doing this they become implicit in the theft of my hard efforts to provide a value to my readers.  If you are a blogger, do they do that to you too? 

It would be crazy for anyone on the Internet to flat out refuse link-backs if the pages are public.  Free dissemination of information is the single salient foundation that built the web but spam by any other name still smells putrid to me.  I urge my readers not to click on any monetized link in these spam-agent pages.  If you come across the link back, I say, “Take it.  Leave immediately.  Do not support this new form of spam.”

Maybe, just maybe, if enough decent people read this post before allowing these spammers to profit by using what some call “black-hat tactics”,  then maybe there won’t be enough profit in the blatant misuse of link-backs.  That said  I’m re-posting my opinion of spammers quoted (by me) with permission (by me). 

These odious mooches plague the very entrails of the Internet with their unchecked immorality.  As the devil incarnate in the story “The Devil and Daniel Webster”, their only role is to profit from, and impugn, the honest, hard-working efforts of wholesome people everywhere. 

They don’t need an education.  They need a life and a soul.  They pilfer the spirit of common decency, and so should be severely shunned by any good person; least they too be drawn into the slime of the spammer.

My mother told me that cockroaches don’t like the light.  Will this also be the true nature of the spammers?  

If you’re  blogger or if you just like to browse, do you agree with my assessments?  If you scrape, do you disagree or can you point out any value to your actions? 



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