People lie. Prices don’t.

Recession mystery deepens, Plot thickens, Clues in Headlines 


Hey! NOT JUST  a heads-up for the market watchers.  

After the DOW dropped 155 points yesterday somebody might think that today could be a dead-cat bounce sort of day.

Here is something to think about.  Of the two headlines I read today, I get suspicious. 

Remembering an old adage, “People lie, prices don’t.”  I have to wonder why the first headline came out on the same day as the second when the first is old news to those folks who read headlines.  I also wonder if there isn’t a conspiracy to lessen the impact of the economic downturn of the big boys on the backs of the “American Consumer Sucker”.  In this conspiracy we would have to include the “Big Boys”, “The Economists”, and the big boy “News Channels”.   These wonderings keep leading me back to the same old adage. 

Why do I think of Laurel and Hardy movies all the sudden?  Maybe its the headlines.

The first one out says (paraphrased), “Economists say “close” but no recession”

and then the second, “Oil surges to over $109.00/barrel for first time”  

Which one to believe.  Hmmm…  As the saying goes, “The story is in the headlines”.


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