Once in a Lifetime Opportunity?

Who knew?

  • Who knew that Wal-mart was going to be such a big name in the retail market?  Did you?
  • Who knew that a little company called Microsoft was going to change the world?  Did you?
  • Who knew that the horse-less carriage, or Democracy, or the Internet would be as big as it is today?  Did you?

Wouldn’t you have loved a little notice of domain names or the telephone companies, or any other opportunity that would allow you to retire rich?  Wouldn’t have like to have bought Microsoft, or Google, or Yahoo before the “Big Boys” drove the prices up?  Wouldn’t you have loved a little notice that you would be using the Internet browser before the Internet became so commercial?

Things tend to grow quite rapidly in today’s world.  I had my chances.  I could have bought Microsoft for $10 dollars a share (equivalent to 50 cents today).  I could have bought Google for $85 dollars on its opening day.  I was ahead of the domain name growth but only told my friends, and didn’t invest for myself.  I could have bought Starbucks when they only had 160 stores.  I coulda, woulda, shoulda.  This isn’t a whine.  IT IS A WARNING!

There is a a little-known technology with a very, under-assuming name that you need to know about.  As a disclaimer, I hereby notify you that my brother has created it. 

So those that are suspicious, leave now.  Don’t read any further. 


My brother created this technology.  I don’t want you to claim that I am biased towards my brother and his product. 

I am not getting paid for this post, nor shall I ever get paid for any post in this blog. 

This one post is only to inform my readers of an opportunity that hasn’t passed them by yet. It is for the forward-thinking and the opportunists; those that may want to “play” (read develop ahead of the pack) with this.

My desire is to help the “common” man.  To raise up those that don’t have the big bucks or the big opportunities or anything else going for them except their mind and their desires.  And I want to promote prosperity, innovation, and common decency wherever I find it.  This is the state of which this new technology finds me.  I’ll deal with my issues myself but if you never hear, until too late for your advantage, anything that offers these things, then I wouldn’t be true to myself, my friends, or my efforts to aid the “common” man.

If you chose to, ignore this post. Ignore everything I have ever written, and ignore everything I will ever write.  But watch this technology.  It will touch your life.

You probably are wondering what this technology is.  What could be so earth-shaking, so revolutionary, so important, that I might fall on my own sword to make mention of it here.  Well, here it is (drum-roll please):

My Custom Dictionary

Huh!?  That’s right.  But here is a caveat.  This software is only for people that are developing a web presence on the open-source program of DotNetNuke. 

WordPress, of any variety, is not compatible with this platform, as a matter of definition of the underlying technology.  I wish it was.  That is not the fault of WordPress.  Although the fundamental technology works, Google still  had to take a second, hard look at it before they could wrap their minds around the concept, and as so, is blessed and anointed.  If, in the future, the developers will provide this compatibility, I strongly urge you, after you finish reading this post, to drop a message to the developers of MCD (info@mycustomdictionary.com) letting them know if you think this would be a good idea.  Or leave the your message as a comment and I will forward your sentiment.  We, WordPressers,  don’t want to be  discriminated against. 

So that you’ll understand what that means, here is what the distributors of DotNetNuke at DotNetNuke.com say about their product.

DotNetNuke®is a free, open-source Web Application Framework ideal for creating and deploying projects such as commercial websites, corporate intranets and extra-nets, on-line publishing portals, and custom vertical applications.  

DotNetNuke is provided as open-source software, licensed under a BSD agreement.  In general, this license grants the general public permission to obtain the software free-of-charge.  It also allows individuals to do whatever they wish with the application framework, both commercially and non-commercially, with the simple requirement of giving credit back to the DotNetNuke project community. DotNetNuke is built on a Microsoft ASP.NET (VB.NET) platform, and is easily installed and hosted.  With a growing community of over 440,000 users, and a dedicated base of programming professionals, support for DotNetNuke is always close at hand.

Now for you forward thinking individuals that would like time to think over what I’ve said above,  I introduce you to (cue the fireworks);

My Custom Dictionary DotNetNuke Module  

The most unique custom dictionary on the Web today

My Custom Dictionary(MCD) Utilizing patent-pending TIP technology by Two Peas Consulting, MCD is the most unique dictionary on the Web today.  It allows you to add a dictionary to your DNN site, controlling all the definitions within the dictionary. 

Features and Benefits:  

  • Become “THE” product expert for your industry

Industry specific words can not only inform, but they can sell for you, making you, “THE industry expert”.  This allows you to position yourself to become the “Go to” source of information your site provides. My Custom Dictionary DNN module allows you to completely control the definitions within your dictionary. 

  • Allow your users or employees to help build your custom dictionary

You can allow your users and/or employees to help build your dictionary for faster dictionary development.  The MCD module setups up a trusted new user role, called Dictionary_Editor. 

  • Control the words and definitions within your own dictionary

You completely control the definition content including the public domain words we offer for download, allowing you to define or redefine over ~130K words offered through the indexing of a public domain dictionary.  Not only can you add words to your dictionary, but you can add multiple definitions per word. (*see TIP technology enabled, below)

  • The user never leaves your site

You control the dictionary data completely.  It’s your custom dictionary. You retain control of the dictionary and your customers.  Once you register your module and sign-in at www.mycustomdictionary.com, we give you access to dictionary data so that you can import it into your database. 

Make money by selling your own word database/dictionary

Export your additions to your dictionary and sell them royalty-free.  This one feature allows you to monetize the production of your very own custom dictionary.  One of the first users of our MCD module is a group of University professors who are compiling data for an English education dictionary with intent to use within their lessons and sell to other educators.

  • Search Engines LOVE dictionaries

Why shouldn’t they love dictionaries, they inform.  Utilizing MCD may put you a cut above others in search rank standings.  Our test example of a dictionary located at www.customdictionary.com is proof that Google LOVES dictionaries.  Over 5000 definition pages have been indexed in Google and growing. 

  • Exciting, new, ground-breaking addition to your Website

Combining TIP technology and the power of your control over definitions, every MCD becomes distinctive; making your dictionary like no other dictionary on the Internet today.  There is nothing close to MCD on the Internet today.

  • For the first time in the history of the Web,  an easy way to integrate a dictionary into your Website

Dictionaries have been historically tough to add to Websites.  Not only did you have to write code, but finding, formatting and loading data made the chore even tougher.  We make adding a custom dictionary easy.  MCD solves all the problems that have historically plagued other dictionary installation efforts.

*TIP technology enabled

TIP means Total Information Pages.  TIP is a patent-pending technology offered by Two Peas Consulting.  TIP links EVERY word in a Web-page to a single search source.  Using TIP technology within the MCD DNN module allows for the words within the definitions to link back to search the dictionary for its meaning.

  • § Start with ~130K words, many with multiple definitions

We offer a free, full, rich, fully indexed ~130K words and definitions, public domain dictionary, with any registered copy of MCD.  Download this data via the MyCustomDictionary.com Website, load your dictionary, and hit the ground running, from day one.  Add/Modify/Delete any of the data within this dictionary.  It’s your dictionary.  Now, you’re in control.

Is the software open source?  No
What language is it programmed in?  C#
What portal or software platforms is it compatible with?  DNN 4.x 
Does it require changes to existing software that might be installed?  No

*Author’s note: Although DotNetNuke is free to download, develop, and distribute, some “modules” cost and must be registered before use.  MCD is one of them.  However, the release of version 2.0 is underway and versions 1.1 and 1.2 (of which there is only cosmetic differences) are now available for free from independent commercial sources such as those listed below and other outlets.  No links within this post will benefit me in any way, unless you would tell the company where you heard about this software.  As far a I know, they don’t ask that question, at this time, anywhere on their site, including during the software registration process.  If you are interested in other sources of this software, the commercial and free versions can be found a marketplace.dotnetnuke.com or snowcovered.com, both widely esteemed distributors of dotnetnuke software and modules.

Leave your comments.  I’m anxious to read them. 

Has this given you a head’s up on this new technology?  Can you see the implications that this software may have?  Are you interested in this new product?  Was this post done in good taste?  Did I provide enough, or too much detail, or not enough?  Do you get “it”? 



5 Responses

  1. Just a quick note ONLY for DNN developers and those sure that their site is housed on a DotNetNuke 4.x platform.

    I have a copy of version 1.2 that I can send out. If you want one of these to play with, email me your request and I’ll send a copy out to you. Or go to the sites listed in the Author’s note above for ver. 1.1.


  2. i downloaded My_Custom_Dictionary_v1.2.0 from snowcovered. From where i can download the public domain dictionary.

  3. Thanks for letting me know of your interest in this product. I’m sure you’ll be really pleased.
    Just note that the Public Domain Dictionary is available after registering your 1.2 ver. on MyCustomDictionary.com .
    Instructions are provided there once you register the free download. You should have no problems. Please let me know if you do. I’m here to help.


  4. Update on File downloads…

    Snowcovered.com now has ver. 1.2 as a free download and DotNetNuke.com will have the same version very soon. If this post should be given the credit for your interest, please let me know. If you’d still like me to send you the file, still just send me an email.

    Currently I’m not getting paid for any commercial endevours involving this product but I take pride for having an electic group of foward thinkers as readers and would like to give you, as a reader, the bragging rights for that.

    Best Regards,

  5. […] for an interesting application. It’s based on the technology I told you all about in “A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity“.  It allows iPhone users t enter ANY domain into a souce field and the the story is […]

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