Mea Culpa

I was warned that this would happen.

Time slips by too rapidly.

I’m about to release a book I wrote.  More on this later. I’ve started up a new blog…  I’m still not completed the process.  It seems that I’m a little out of my element because it is taking me so long. This one is using WordPress on a third-party hosted site. It seems that I need a mentor in this endevour.  Any volunteers? I’d certainl give credit where credit is due.

I really knew that I’ve been ignoring my readers.  I’m sorry.  The way it looks, I’ve just taken a vacation and won’t get another one for a very long time.

I will be back here shortly.  When I do, I’ll be bringing back some thoughts that have been mulling around my mind for “durn neer” a month.



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