Recession: Our Cruise Has Now Ended

Ah! The Recession – Our Cruise Ship Now

For my readers that have been following my recession series, here is one more for you.  And if you have been following it you can start here.

Our Cruise Has Now Ended

Our cruise has now ended.  Please be careful while exiting the ship.  For those that need help, there are stewards near every evacuation station, and if not, will be there shortly.  Please be patient.

It’s seems that our cruise ship has solidly hit the bottom, ground to a slow progression and, then, finally hit the rocks.   That’s where we find ourselves today.  The Dow at 8852, the S&P under 1000, and the Nasdaq somewhere  near the 1700 mark. 

My, what a shame it is that our cruise parth should crash like this.  Shouldn’t someone have told us that there was such a risk?  That they did, and then some.  But when you’re having fun it’s tough to think that things just won’t go as planned. 

For those or you that had travelers insurance, you may now collect on your policies. 

For the other’s, most of us, we are gradually making our way back home to reflect upon the good forture of just living through the ordeal and deciding if cruising is for us.  

Our Cruise Ship.  The U.S.S. Economy

What is to come of our cruise ship?  Broken and battered but still afloat, the recovery team is now preparing it for a long slow trip to dry dock and repairs.  It will take months, and months, but the boat wasn’t built in a day. 

Getting a ship like ours off the rocks and into more beneficial waters will take time.  Getting it from our point of destination to the dry dock will take longer.  There will be some scary times ahead for her crew and anyone who fondly remembers it and wishes it well but it will make it. 

Recovery Will Be Slow But It Will Happen

For most of us we are out of danger, except for the usual ones that our trip home will have.  Those are nothing like we’ve just faced and we can all believe that our courage to go on this cruise has been rewarded with many blessings.  No, not monetary, but maybe a little more wisdom, a little more cautious, and perhaps, a feeling a little more patience.

If you get up in the morning and want to spend a little more time watching the sunrise rather than waiting to play in the sun, you are there.  Congradulations.  For those who aren’t yet?  I hope you can be there soon.

If you’re like most of us, there will still be times that you relive this nightmare but the longer in the past it becomes, the less you will remember.  Just don’t forget the lessons learned for those will help you have a successful cruise next time.

 (Editor’s note: It’s never too late to read “Buckets of Food for Pennies” on your way home. )

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  1. Quite frankly, I see recession as a small business utopia. It is when the economy “tanks” that tremendous opportunities arise and innovative small businesses can grab niche markets as corporations back off from small niche markets to focus on large markets.

    Now more than ever small businesses can reap temendous profits by “going green” and looking for, that is, actively seeking out niche markets.

    Finding fantastic employees is also a great opportunity brought on by economic downturns. When unemployment is high there is a tremendous amount of talent who would love to find work, any work! Students that are fresh out of college with few job prospects, especially MBAs would love to take on part time jobs just to fill out resumes for when the economy turns around and corporations begin to hire again. Highly experienced early retirees are also flooding the market!

    Fear is what drives recessions and depressions and optimism and entrepreneurship is what fosters economic growth. Its a no brainer.

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