Following the Recession


Following the progression of the Recession

Follow the Headlines or Follow the stories 

Either way you can understand why the Dow went below 12000 and you would have known it was going to happen 2 months before it happened.

Each post here is in chronological order and in one place.  But beyond that, if your interests lay in understanding the stock market or the economy, from whince it came and to where its going, these observations may help. 

(This page is not frequently updated – Please follow the recession tag from the main page.)

Is it just Me or are We in a Recession?

Just read the future in the headlines: Recession mounts an attack

Interest rates drop – Recession dead ahead

Recession – Tickets Anyone?

Recession dead ahead – FULL REVERSE ENGINES!

Recession – Tickets Anyone?

Jim, I’m listening to your headlines

“Recession – Your job” just another headline?

Recession: Looks like the ship will sink like the hearts

Recession headline: Bears like sinking ships

Process of Economic Meltdown toward recession Explained – Ship rocks

Spending, Inflation, data, hit – This story is written by the headline

World Business Academy Blog – The spot-on dog blog for the recession-minded

Testing, Testing 12,000? Cruise passengers and market soon to get wet


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