Saving for a Smart Car – Buckets of Food for Pennies

Saving for a Smart Car –

 Buckets of Food for Pennies

The Food Budget Owner's Manual

The average person, not just the average family, can save $200+ a month on their food bills alone.  If you started now, you could save enough money each month to purchase out-right,  a smarCar in 6 years.   

This is a shameless plug.  Why Shameless?  If you knew something that could save almost anyone 10’s to 100’s of dollars a month, 1000’s of dollars a year, would you want to tell someone?

I do.  And I do.

It may seem like common sense, and everyone knows these things, right?  Then why do you spend roughly 50% more on food every month than you should?

Oh!  OK.  I understand you’re not a coupon-clipper.  Neither am I.  But I still don’t spend more than I should on food each month.  And, I eat pr-e-t-t-y good.  There is no food inflation in my house.

If someone who is single and not responsible for buying their own food can save someone $65 a month just because they read this book then maybe someone who has a real monetary interest in having money to eat on can save a lot more.

Still don’t know what I’m talking about?  Take a gander to Buckets of Food For Pennies and while you’re there you might want to sign up for their newsletter.  If nothing else, it has a smashingly good cookie recipe that comes with the first-edition Welcome letter.   Who knows?  Maybe you’ll be riding around in a smartCar.  You know they don’t call them smartCars for nothing.



SHARE Florida – Charity and Cheap Chow

Everyone can SHARE!

SHARE Food Network is an amazing and unique program that is open to everyone.  SHARE distributes high quality affordable and nutritious food as a way to build community and strengthen families.  Whether you would like to save money on groceries, volunteer in the community, or promote health and wellness, it’s worth getting involved with SHARE!

No matter your financial state or being, giving has always had it’s own rewards.  SHARE is just one of those organizations that provide a value to anyone who needs them.  This is one way to improve both your financial situation and your community’s outlook and outreach. 

The link to SHARE for my neck-of-the-wood is SHARE Florida.  You can find your own by googling “Share + “State”.

Below is an example of a frozen food box that they have availible right now. 


Meat Box 3: $10.50


  • 1.7 lbs. chicken drums

  • 1 lb. chicken breast fillets

  • 1 lb. tilapia fillets

  • 8 oz. sliced hard salami

  • 12 oz. turkey sausage links  


*4.95 lbs. of meat for $10.50 or $2.12/pound 

Patrick Lalande


Recession: Looks like the ship will sink like the hearts

Recession hits the heart     hearts-for-valentines-day-chance-agrella_320x240.jpg

If you want to know the future just read the headlines 

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

I see more and more articles just like the one below.  They are everywhere.

I was doing some last minute browsing before going to bed and ran into an article which headline speaks more about the economy and the “recession” than it realizes.  Just the fact that this was placed in the business section of a major news site tells me that someone thought there was a need.   

10 tips for a fun — but frugal — Valentine’s Day

Do you have a honey, but not a lot of money? Try these economical ideas

Written by a MSNBC Money contributor, Laura T. Coffey, this story may not get the play with people that may need it.  I thought I’d take the time to pass it along for the benefits of my readers and to reinerate the idea that every little headline adds up. 

roses-for-valentines-day-2-chance-agrella_320x240.jpg   Also, call me a romantic.  I want to be clear here, but I believe the simple, yet creative,  gifts for any occasion mean more than spending a lot of money.

But there were days…


“Wow! Great Casserole” Recipe: A health food for your pocketbook

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

Just one more recipe post promised to a for a few close friends.  It was also written with the pure neophyte in mind.  It’s just not a recipe but also a ”cookipe”.  It will expand the diet of those who will make it.  Someday I’ll explain why I do this.   

The gist of this very forgiving recipe is, that it will feed an army, is reasonably inexpensive, easy to prepare (in the time it takes to boil noodles), and has never had a single complaint to anyone it was served. 

“Wow!  Great Casserole” Recipe

Ingredients: Continue reading

Idea Nibbles – Idea Collaboration

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

Your ideas should count 

photo_1824_20060728-chance-agrella_320x240.jpg  Everyone has ideas.  Ideas by themselves are worthless.  Ideas coupled with action is enough to change the world.  No matter how small that change may be, the ability to change the world is power. 

I desire a pairing of ideas in the minds of the common man with the hands and minds of the people that can get things done.  Distributed power for the betterment of all participants. 

There are many reasons ideas do not get acted upon.  the most prevalent is the person hasn’t the skills or the knowledge of the processes needed to move past the idea stage.  This leads to an opportunity for anyone to contribute whatever skills and knowledge they have towards advancing promising ideas. 

How should that be done?  Who decides what ideas are promising? What roles need to be filled?  Who should control the collaboration process?  When and how will the “work” get done?  How will trust be generated?  How would values be assigned? Who accepts what responsibilities and how should each step in the process be verified?

Offered for Thought – The First Nibble

I could ask a lot more questions but instead I’m going to throw this out to my readers.  I have an idea for a video game.  By itself, the idea has no value.  The value of this game could extend from social networking sites, to widgets and, all the way to video consoles.  I believe it could change the way the common man plays, works and learns.  I believe it would be a very big marketing tool with a very broad application range.  It is simple in concept and would be relatively easy to implement. 

Who would interested in the making and marketing, and distribution of this game or in the collaboration of other such projects?  How many people are willing to spend the time to actually contribute skills, knowledge, and/or effort on the chance that it may be big.  Who would be willing to spend speculative money (ie: venture capital), even small amounts as an alternative of their time or efforts?  I want to know.  If interested, please tell my of your interests in a reply to this post.  I’ll keep you posted by updating the progress of this project, and any others, in future “Idea Nibbles”.  Thank you, ahead of time, for your considerations. 


Oatmeal: A Secret Health Food – promised recipe post

I have been promising to post this recipe for a few close friends.  It was written with the pure neophyte in mind.  It’s just not a recipe but also a “cookipe”.  I wrote it after trying to duplicate some of the pre-packaged, flavored oatmeal packs’ tastes.  If you eat a lot of oatmeal this saves you about 2/3 the cost of the packets.  And of couse I always think my recipes are best.

Patrick’s “Secret” Microwave Oatmeal Recipe


  • 1 cup quick oats
  • 2 cups water (more or less (MOL) for desired consistency)
  • ¼ cup (MOL to taste) packed brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (MOL to taste) (secret ingredient)
  • Optional Ingredients: Continue reading