Once in a Lifetime Opportunity?

Who knew?

  • Who knew that Wal-mart was going to be such a big name in the retail market?  Did you?
  • Who knew that a little company called Microsoft was going to change the world?  Did you?
  • Who knew that the horse-less carriage, or Democracy, or the Internet would be as big as it is today?  Did you?

Wouldn’t you have loved a little notice of domain names or the telephone companies, or any other opportunity that would allow you to retire rich?  Wouldn’t have like to have bought Microsoft, or Google, or Yahoo before the “Big Boys” drove the prices up?  Wouldn’t you have loved a little notice that you would be using the Internet browser before the Internet became so commercial?

Things tend to grow quite rapidly in today’s world.  I had my chances.  I could have bought Microsoft for $10 dollars a share (equivalent to 50 cents today).  I could have bought Google for $85 dollars on its opening day.  I was ahead of the domain name growth but only told my friends, and didn’t invest for myself.  I could have bought Starbucks when they only had 160 stores.  I coulda, woulda, shoulda.  This isn’t a whine.  IT IS A WARNING!

There is a a little-known technology with a very, under-assuming name that you need to know about.  As a disclaimer, I hereby notify you that my brother has created it. 

So those that are suspicious, leave now.  Don’t read any further.  Continue reading


Spam and the scrapers; castlemainefringe and others

Scapers fill my spam box.  Castlemainefringe and others know who they are.


Spam is spam, is spam.  By any name and by any method, spammers work to profit off the efforts of others.  

To stop scraping,

I started to post my name prominently on the top of each of my posts.  It seems that it shows the true nature of the scraper when the post starts; “Unknown says blah, blah, blah…Patrick Lalande on WordPress… blah, blah, blah…  Today I’m going to try doing it in all caps for even more visibility within their scrapes. 

In my recent post, National Techmark, bibomedia and spam – What an Review!, I sounded off on some of the spam that I’d received.  It was a hit.  Continue reading

National Techmark, bibomedia and spam – What an Review!

The devil is in the details

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

Although new to me, these techniques probably wouldn’t drawn in any but the very stupid, the very naive, or the very corrupt.  What am I talking about?

Spam – (most often veiled or less than veiled advertisement) to knowingly send unsolicited e-mail or to post inappropriate messages to many people.

Spammer – Ones who spams. Continue reading

Nails in the Coffin? Microsoft, Hear this!

Is Microsoft listening? 

What can we all learn from this? 

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

It looks like many people agree with me.  Capitalism vs Activism: Microsoft deals with both, posted February 8th, stated that the problem may not be Microsoft’s.  Floating through my stream of consciousness , I stumbled upon this article: Time to dump Windows?on Yahoo News dated February 17th.

The poll has been taken… Continue reading

Moving Mania: The tale tailend – U-haul, the dealer, the move

A Surprise: Not all U-haul® dealers the same

This type of moving  experience is a first for this writer. 

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

A moving experience, for sure.  And since I’m making an effort to learn Spanish this year; Una experiencia móvil, para seguro.  Which I believe translates as “An experience moving, for sure.”

Kudos should be given to Dale Gibson who plies his trade of U-haul® dealer from “Treasures & More“, in Sarasota, Florida. 

Dale seems to be a man who does his best to help any of the strangers that should grace his shop.  He recently rented me the truck that I used to move.  Before then, he didn’t know me from a hill of beans.  Here is why he deserves some recognition.  Continue reading

Smart Fortwo Car awarded international accolades

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

From a press release by Daimler AG  

 The well-known Italian automobile publication ’Quattroruote’ has awarded the smart fortwo cdi a special accolade on account of the car’s exemplary consumption and environmental friendliness.

Stuttgart, Jan 24, 2008
smart fortwo cdi, exterior 
Smart Fortwo Cdi, Exterior picture compliments of Daimler AG

“…the specialists at the Italian publication ‘Quattroruote’ singled out the smart fortwo cdi for a special award – the only one presented directly by the magazine. The award is a tribute to the extraordinary environmental friendliness of the trendy two-seater, which proved its status as a 3-litre car during an extensive test drive by the Italian car magazine.” Continue reading

Idea Nibbles – Idea Collaboration

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

Your ideas should count 

photo_1824_20060728-chance-agrella_320x240.jpg  Everyone has ideas.  Ideas by themselves are worthless.  Ideas coupled with action is enough to change the world.  No matter how small that change may be, the ability to change the world is power. 

I desire a pairing of ideas in the minds of the common man with the hands and minds of the people that can get things done.  Distributed power for the betterment of all participants. 

There are many reasons ideas do not get acted upon.  the most prevalent is the person hasn’t the skills or the knowledge of the processes needed to move past the idea stage.  This leads to an opportunity for anyone to contribute whatever skills and knowledge they have towards advancing promising ideas. 

How should that be done?  Who decides what ideas are promising? What roles need to be filled?  Who should control the collaboration process?  When and how will the “work” get done?  How will trust be generated?  How would values be assigned? Who accepts what responsibilities and how should each step in the process be verified?

Offered for Thought – The First Nibble

I could ask a lot more questions but instead I’m going to throw this out to my readers.  I have an idea for a video game.  By itself, the idea has no value.  The value of this game could extend from social networking sites, to widgets and, all the way to video consoles.  I believe it could change the way the common man plays, works and learns.  I believe it would be a very big marketing tool with a very broad application range.  It is simple in concept and would be relatively easy to implement. 

Who would interested in the making and marketing, and distribution of this game or in the collaboration of other such projects?  How many people are willing to spend the time to actually contribute skills, knowledge, and/or effort on the chance that it may be big.  Who would be willing to spend speculative money (ie: venture capital), even small amounts as an alternative of their time or efforts?  I want to know.  If interested, please tell my of your interests in a reply to this post.  I’ll keep you posted by updating the progress of this project, and any others, in future “Idea Nibbles”.  Thank you, ahead of time, for your considerations.