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Your ideas should count 

photo_1824_20060728-chance-agrella_320x240.jpg  Everyone has ideas.  Ideas by themselves are worthless.  Ideas coupled with action is enough to change the world.  No matter how small that change may be, the ability to change the world is power. 

I desire a pairing of ideas in the minds of the common man with the hands and minds of the people that can get things done.  Distributed power for the betterment of all participants. 

There are many reasons ideas do not get acted upon.  the most prevalent is the person hasn’t the skills or the knowledge of the processes needed to move past the idea stage.  This leads to an opportunity for anyone to contribute whatever skills and knowledge they have towards advancing promising ideas. 

How should that be done?  Who decides what ideas are promising? What roles need to be filled?  Who should control the collaboration process?  When and how will the “work” get done?  How will trust be generated?  How would values be assigned? Who accepts what responsibilities and how should each step in the process be verified?

Offered for Thought – The First Nibble

I could ask a lot more questions but instead I’m going to throw this out to my readers.  I have an idea for a video game.  By itself, the idea has no value.  The value of this game could extend from social networking sites, to widgets and, all the way to video consoles.  I believe it could change the way the common man plays, works and learns.  I believe it would be a very big marketing tool with a very broad application range.  It is simple in concept and would be relatively easy to implement. 

Who would interested in the making and marketing, and distribution of this game or in the collaboration of other such projects?  How many people are willing to spend the time to actually contribute skills, knowledge, and/or effort on the chance that it may be big.  Who would be willing to spend speculative money (ie: venture capital), even small amounts as an alternative of their time or efforts?  I want to know.  If interested, please tell my of your interests in a reply to this post.  I’ll keep you posted by updating the progress of this project, and any others, in future “Idea Nibbles”.  Thank you, ahead of time, for your considerations. 



Smart Fortwo Smart Car now selling in the United States

Smart Car Fortwo

Smart car starts selling in USA

The Penske Auto Group, though smartUSA, began selling Smart Fortwo autos January 17th, 2008.

Europeans have been buying these for years.  Canadians could get one since 2004.  Paris Hilton drove one around LA.  What is it?  It is the Smart Car.

 Dashboard, Smart Car

High mileage and “smart” styling, complete with comfort and safety, is built into a car that is only 8′ 8″ long.  You could park two of these in a single standard parking space.  

The Smart Fortwo has been optimized for the American market giving it more room inside and a larger, more powerful engine.  This gives the Smart Car as much person room for its two seats and better acceleration than my Chevrolet Aveo.  Not bad for a class of autos that have maligned since the “Yugo” was nicknamed the “NoGo”. 

Although, only model available in the United States is the standard gasoline model, the hybrid Daimler (yes, as in Daimler Mercedes Benz) has been making since October of 2007 is a future intrigue. 

Daimler claims this version consumes approximately 8 percent less fuel in the combined driving cycle and even up to 20 percent less fuel in urban traffic, which also results in greatly reduced CO2 emissions.”

Considering that the Smart car is designed primarily as an urban commuter car, you probably wouldn’t want one for a primary vehicle.  But for two people driving around town, this just may be the hip wave of the future.


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