Spam and the scrapers; castlemainefringe and others

Scapers fill my spam box.  Castlemainefringe and others know who they are.


Spam is spam, is spam.  By any name and by any method, spammers work to profit off the efforts of others.  

To stop scraping,

I started to post my name prominently on the top of each of my posts.  It seems that it shows the true nature of the scraper when the post starts; “Unknown says blah, blah, blah…Patrick Lalande on WordPress… blah, blah, blah…  Today I’m going to try doing it in all caps for even more visibility within their scrapes. 

In my recent post, National Techmark, bibomedia and spam – What an Review!, I sounded off on some of the spam that I’d received.  It was a hit.  Continue reading


National Techmark, bibomedia and spam – What an Review!

The devil is in the details

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

Although new to me, these techniques probably wouldn’t drawn in any but the very stupid, the very naive, or the very corrupt.  What am I talking about?

Spam – (most often veiled or less than veiled advertisement) to knowingly send unsolicited e-mail or to post inappropriate messages to many people.

Spammer – Ones who spams. Continue reading