Next round of college prices moves will be …

How do they do it?


In an opinion article from about colleges that are violating the trust of their students and graduates by steering those to financial institutions and programs that are not in their best interest, I read this line, 

In the near future, colleges now inundated with applicants will begin competing for a shrinking pool of high school seniors.

The thought struck me that the reason college pricing has climbed, on average over 10% a year since who knows when, because there are too many students that want to go to college.   In the future, will colleges justify price increases with the phrase “because college enrollments are declining…”?

What do you think the line will be to justify the next round of price increases?  Or will there be price decreases?



Its too late for us. Save yourself!

One more chance to save yourself


It’s been a long time coming.  On the news that the Federal government is backing the the economy with 100% aggression the stock market boomed. Up 400+ points yesterday (3/18) and currently (delayed price) up another 54. Gold plunged, financial stocks popped, and optimism has re-entered the dance. 

Yesterday was a nice sunny day here where I live. Through observation, it seemed that the weather couldn’t wait for spring and decided that it would give us a preview.  And then the Feds cute their interest rate by 3/4 of a point.  Hugh. HUGH!  How hugh?  That cut amounts to a 25%.  You didn’t get that on your credit card interest. I’d say that the big boys have a new big toy.  No, not a new maserati or a new corporate jet.  Not the new, 10,000 sq. ft. summer house that they live in for 6 weeks a year.  Not the physical trapping of wealth that you might think.  No.  Not those.  I’m talking about the game piece the financial crisis threatened to take away from them.  I’m talking BIG!  I’m talking the Federal government and the American economy. Continue reading, bibomedia, and spam. Again?

Lights not on. No one’s home.  Leave a message.


Warning!  This post was done in fun.  It contains words like stoopid and blasted.   Its hard to read. 

It was just a smiley face in my inbox.  Even bibomedia typed in “Have a nice day!”  

I think it should have been more.  Am I selfish?  I think not.  Spam is spam. 

Poor Guest.  He probably some frustrated, backwoods, individual from just south of intelligence. 

To think that someone wants to go to his site and wander aimlessly looking for anything is just pathetic.  When are these people going to get a clue.  At least it wasn’t pornographic.

You know?  I guess, if you drop an web address into enough blogs then you’ll go higher in the search ranks at Google.  Then people will come to your site and they will click a link, and you will get paid. 

There’s some that abide by that there thinkin’.  It’s still stinkin’ thinkin’, I’m shur.

I’m figgerin’ them thar boys at guest are just afew a’ them.  Yepper!…  They sure ‘r pulling the wool over them folks.  Yes, siree, bob. 

Now I don’t wish them any harm.  Jus cause, they can’t seem to find a decent moral compass, doesn’t mean their mothers did something wrong, mind you.  I wooden wanna impewn the good name of a momma that tried.  

I’d purtn neer blame the blasted school systim, though.  It ain’t right, I tell ya an’, by golly, som’uns ta blame. 

That’s it!  It ain’t thur fault.  Why I kinda like beleiven that they just growd up uneducated and stoopid.  They cain’t hep themselves, an’ they think we’s jus’ one of them; good ol’ boys.  

Well, here’s a drink to ya boys.  Bottoms up.  As Forest Gump once said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”  Next time, try to contribute something worthwhile, will you? 

(My English teacher would be so proud of me. ROFL)


People lie. Prices don’t.

Recession mystery deepens, Plot thickens, Clues in Headlines 


Hey! NOT JUST  a heads-up for the market watchers.  

After the DOW dropped 155 points yesterday somebody might think that today could be a dead-cat bounce sort of day.

Here is something to think about.  Of the two headlines I read today, I get suspicious.  Continue reading

Hillary, Obama; Facts, Headlines and a Story

Hillary vs Obama,  The Truth is where you find it

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

I’m a firm believer that the majority of the headlines will give up a story before the story actually breaks.  Go ahead.  Ask me what headlines I’m talking about.


First, in my own defence, I don’t normally go to political blogs or anything close.  I’m to partisan for that.  It just gets the old blood pressure up.  Nope, I don’t normally read them so I don’t normally write them. But just yet now, I don’t have a dog in that fight so fair being fair, I’ll just let the tree’s fall. 

Headlines are headlines, though, and going back to my boyhood, I was told, “…all the work …’s b’tween the rows.  Heh, heh.  They were talking ’bout corn an’ beans (soy) there, folks.

But I started reading some WordPress post…jumped to a link that landed me to another post, for another blog, went through several news stories… seemed to be about health…, and lo and behold, I ended up on  That wasn’t the weird part. Go ahead.  Ask me what the weird part was.

Well…? Continue reading

Nails in the Coffin? Microsoft, Hear this!

Is Microsoft listening? 

What can we all learn from this? 

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

It looks like many people agree with me.  Capitalism vs Activism: Microsoft deals with both, posted February 8th, stated that the problem may not be Microsoft’s.  Floating through my stream of consciousness , I stumbled upon this article: Time to dump Windows?on Yahoo News dated February 17th.

The poll has been taken… Continue reading

Capitalism vs Activism: Microsoft deals with both

75,000 sign petition: Save Microsoft Windows XP 

Who wants Vista?  Who wants XP?  Now, you can decide which side you are going to be on and voice a vote for XP.  

  Patrick Lalande on WordPress

Warning:  Rant ahead!  It’s not about Microsoft

In reading the headline below, the thought struck me that a vote for XP is like Luddites throwing thier wooden shoes into machine.  It really only serves to slow progress.  Not to stop it.  Activism is not supposed to stop progress but to redirect it’s energies toward the common good.  That is saying that the activist knows what the common good is.   

What could the solution be?  Continue reading