Budgets are Sexy – Serendipitious and So-o-o-o Cool

Budgets are Sexy – Serendipitious and So-o-o-o Cool

Do you believe in fate?  Do you read your horoscope and say, “Hey!  Right on.” or something to that effect? Do you carry a lucky charm or have a “favorite” outfit for a favorite activity you must wear? Perhaps you beieve in angels? 

I’m not superstitious. However, I do believe in serendipity.  Such was a meeting of J. Money and me.

When I wrote  “National Techmark, bibomedia and spam – What an Review!” I wasn’t looking for anyone to respond to my post.  I was just doing what comes naturally to me.  I was trying to help others by writing about the incident.  J. Money wrote one of the comments.  This was the serendipity I mentioned.

I have visited his blog several times and found that it dovetails nicely with another project I’m working on.  More on that later. Right now, let me tell you about J. and his blog. 

 It was a little young when he made his comment but it has grown to become something to be envied.  Here is one of the new generation’s rising stars.  I realize that this blogger has a lot to learn from this 20-something.  By his generation’s description I’m an old fart. 

Let me tell you about J. and his blog.    It is “Budgets are Sexy“.  I was impressed enough to list it in my blog roll.  J has a light, airy, personable style to his writing.  He’s blog is easy to read, yet informative.  It is speaks to the heart of the thing that I try to accomplish; help people help themselves. 

Do you spend money?  Do you have money questions?  Do you want to save money, or get out of debt?  Do you think that money is evil or that greed is uncool?  Budgets are Sexy and J’s collection of corresponding links will help set your mind straight.  

He has generously listed my “A Mind’s Diet” in his blog roll.  I didn’t ask him to do this but that goes back to that other project I have been working on.  I did put his up on mine.  That was something I do not do very lightly.  As you can observe I am very selective.  There were no strings attached to that action.  He and his blog is that good. 

Vist Budgets are Sexy today.  Right now!  Learn from Budgets are Sexy. Profit from Budgets are Sexy and thrive. It is your right and I dare to say, “You’ll never look at money the same way again”.

Patrick Lalande   


Guest.com, bibomedia, and spam. Again?

Lights not on. No one’s home.  Leave a message.


Warning!  This post was done in fun.  It contains words like stoopid and blasted.   Its hard to read. 

It was just a smiley face in my inbox.  Even bibomedia typed in “Have a nice day!”  

I think it should have been more.  Am I selfish?  I think not.  Spam is spam. 

Poor Guest.  He probably some frustrated, backwoods, individual from just south of intelligence. 

To think that someone wants to go to his site and wander aimlessly looking for anything is just pathetic.  When are these people going to get a clue.  At least it wasn’t pornographic.

You know?  I guess, if you drop an web address into enough blogs then you’ll go higher in the search ranks at Google.  Then people will come to your site and they will click a link, and you will get paid. 

There’s some that abide by that there thinkin’.  It’s still stinkin’ thinkin’, I’m shur.

I’m figgerin’ them thar boys at guest are just afew a’ them.  Yepper!…  They sure ‘r pulling the wool over them folks.  Yes, siree, bob. 

Now I don’t wish them any harm.  Jus cause, they can’t seem to find a decent moral compass, doesn’t mean their mothers did something wrong, mind you.  I wooden wanna impewn the good name of a momma that tried.  

I’d purtn neer blame the blasted school systim, though.  It ain’t right, I tell ya an’, by golly, som’uns ta blame. 

That’s it!  It ain’t thur fault.  Why I kinda like beleiven that they just growd up uneducated and stoopid.  They cain’t hep themselves, an’ they think we’s jus’ one of them; good ol’ boys.  

Well, here’s a drink to ya boys.  Bottoms up.  As Forest Gump once said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”  Next time, try to contribute something worthwhile, will you? 

(My English teacher would be so proud of me. ROFL)