Next round of college prices moves will be …

How do they do it?


In an opinion article from about colleges that are violating the trust of their students and graduates by steering those to financial institutions and programs that are not in their best interest, I read this line, 

In the near future, colleges now inundated with applicants will begin competing for a shrinking pool of high school seniors.

The thought struck me that the reason college pricing has climbed, on average over 10% a year since who knows when, because there are too many students that want to go to college.   In the future, will colleges justify price increases with the phrase “because college enrollments are declining…”?

What do you think the line will be to justify the next round of price increases?  Or will there be price decreases?



Trials and tribulations of the early tech adapter

Early Adapters/Early Pioneers – The laws vs human nature

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In today’s capitalist society, some early adapters of today’s cutting edge technologies could be compared with early pioneers.  Rather than trudging across some unexplored far-distant tundra, they are navigating the unknown economics of solar power, wind power, and fuel cells.   Instead of facing the dangers of ferocious meat-eating animals and braving the harshness of an unknown climate these people face economic uncertainties and big government.  Back then, it was human nature that pressed them on just as today’s early tech adapters?  What forces will win?  Human nature or our laws?

Fuel cells make power for homes in Japan  makes the case for the difficulties and doubt that early adapters have but also states a case for integration of these types of technologies into our daily lives. 

The benefits expand past the economics as far-reaching and different as global warming and ego with bragging rights.  Those benefits also include better educating of future generations.  

When we of the current generation engage our fellow citizens in the enabling of emerging technologies we should not forget to analyze the roadblocks that past generations have put in place.  Continue reading

Process of Economic Meltdown toward recession Explained – Ship rocks

Too late.  There’s no way off the ship 

Seldom does the story live up to the hype of a good headline but I have been a headline reader for most of my life. 

This article, “America’s economy risks the mother of all,

By Martin Wolf,  Dated Tue Feb 19, 1:25 PM ET, and found on Yahoo business news, really has a great story to tell.  Martin sums it up beautifully when he says; Continue reading

US Becomes energy exporter: No longer an Oil Importer?

Headline: Venture Capitalist sees Green in Fusion Tech  

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If you want to see the future just read the headlines.



Put this in your files as Future Tech Fuel.  This isn’t a short-term headline but it’s getting close.  I’ve seen more and more veiled news releases that imply that Nuclear fusion is coming. 

I’ve also noted that there are fewer and fewer dissenters amongst the scientific crowd when these headlines appear.  That tells me something. * Continue reading

There are others, We must find them

 Another nibble – Don’t let American Creativity go to waste

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On Januarary, 21st I wrote “Idea Nibbles – Idea Collaboration“.  It was a clarion call for creative thinkers and forward-looking individuals of all walks of life to join me in a quest to develop the creativity of the American mind. 

That sounds pretty intense as I write this, but in practice, it’s just friends helping friends with whatever they can do.   Continue reading

“Recession – Your job” just another headline?

Headline speak: Recession gets louder

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As  an example of the reading the headlines to read the future, I offer this blog post from today.  It makes my point that how people feel means more than economists’ opinion.

I quote:

Is Your Job Recession Proof? « share my staff

With the economic forecast looking grim, the housing market at an all time high in foreclosures, and lay offs on the rise, the “R” word is starting to be used to describe what is happening to the U.S. economy.  The last thing you would want to do right now is take time off from your job to go on a long vacation.  When you get back, your position could be cut.

Now is the time to take those steps to recession proof your job…

I suggest that these thoughts may be on the minds of us “consumers” throughout the coming summer.  Think about it.


Recession – Tickets Anyone?

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Headlines don’t lie.   I just know what I see. 


In Interest rates drop – Recession dead ahead I wrote about the short to intermediate term of the stock market and the economy.  I wrote about the stock market and the economy and how perceptions might make us, the investors and consumers, act.  Below is a small excerpt: 

“…Suddenly, the Feds cut interest rates.  By casual observance, everything calms down.  The wind stops its howling.  The waves smooth off.  The silence gets loud!  We are saved!  We want to start making reservations for the return trip (buy stocks) while the price of the room (stock price) is low…”

In Recession dead ahead – FULL REVERSE ENGINES! I wrote;

“…what is happening today, 1-24-08, I’d say that the captain just realized that we were still heading towards the rocks and ordered “FULL-REVERSE ENGINES!”…  Continue reading