GPS and the late adapter

Where to get GPS Coordinates, for the late adapters

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

 While researching a small project, one thing I needed was the GPS coordinates for my adopted home town. 

In my search I came upon an interesting little site that I think bears bookmarking.  Realizing that I might not be the only late adapter to “Geocoding”, the marking of locations using the GPS locations, I thought I’d pass on this link to GPS Visualizer: Free Geocoders.  On the header bar you will find a way to geocode an address.

While there, you might want to geocode your city and drop that into my comments.  For those who would like to share some photos and descriptions of their favorite hometown, I am interested in having the best guest blog/blogged here.  If there is enough interest, I’d like to make a series out of it.  Below is an example.  

My adopted home town’s coordinates are latitude 27.043N and longitude -82.236W.  What city do I live in?  I’ll give you a little description: Continue reading