Process of Economic Meltdown toward recession Explained – Ship rocks

Too late.  There’s no way off the ship 

Seldom does the story live up to the hype of a good headline but I have been a headline reader for most of my life. 

This article, “America’s economy risks the mother of all,

By Martin Wolf,  Dated Tue Feb 19, 1:25 PM ET, and found on Yahoo business news, really has a great story to tell.  Martin sums it up beautifully when he says; Continue reading


“Recession – Your job” just another headline?

Headline speak: Recession gets louder

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

As  an example of the reading the headlines to read the future, I offer this blog post from today.  It makes my point that how people feel means more than economists’ opinion.

I quote:

Is Your Job Recession Proof? « share my staff

With the economic forecast looking grim, the housing market at an all time high in foreclosures, and lay offs on the rise, the “R” word is starting to be used to describe what is happening to the U.S. economy.  The last thing you would want to do right now is take time off from your job to go on a long vacation.  When you get back, your position could be cut.

Now is the time to take those steps to recession proof your job…

I suggest that these thoughts may be on the minds of us “consumers” throughout the coming summer.  Think about it.