Spending, Inflation, data, hit – This story is written by the headline

Another headline, another day.

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

photo_2808_20070815-crumpled-dollar-bill-2_400x180.jpg  Do you remember  “Recession headline: Bears like sinking ships“?  Keep it in mind when you read the rest of this story.

I awoke from a fitful sleep to read a headline that pretty much says it all.

Spending, inflation data to hit Wall St.  I would add “this week”. Continue reading


Interest rates drop – Recession dead ahead


Fed rate cut not enough to forestall recession or falling stock prices

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

The Fed interest rate cut is not enough to forestall a recession.  Think of it like this.

A big ship (the economy or the stock market) is full under way towards its next port of call (a growing, stable economy) when a storm (the sub-prime loan fiasco) pops up.   The storm winds whip up waves (little glitches in a capitalist system) and blow on the ship until, instead of pointing toward a safe harbor, is now pointing towards rocks (a recession).  Continue reading