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As of today the number of articles to be displayed on this post will be brought down to 3.

All previous articles will still be maintained in the archives in which you will find:

And since a few of my readers have personally requested clarity I am renaming “The Tomes” “The Archives”.


Everyone has a Prediction

With the onset of the new year it seems that everyone has a prediction.  I put some thought into what I think might happen in 2008.  The longer I thought, the more my head hurt. For the betterment of all mankind I ignored the pain and continued. 

(Jump to 5 minutes later) 

Now blinded by the smoke rolling out of my ears and an uncharacteristic twitch in my right eye (No, the twitch in my left eye is characteristic.), I decided that predicting 2008 and the things that might happen, isn’t going to happen.  Now what? Continue reading