Saving for a Smart Car – Buckets of Food for Pennies

Saving for a Smart Car –

 Buckets of Food for Pennies

The Food Budget Owner's Manual

The average person, not just the average family, can save $200+ a month on their food bills alone.  If you started now, you could save enough money each month to purchase out-right,  a smarCar in 6 years.   

This is a shameless plug.  Why Shameless?  If you knew something that could save almost anyone 10’s to 100’s of dollars a month, 1000’s of dollars a year, would you want to tell someone?

I do.  And I do.

It may seem like common sense, and everyone knows these things, right?  Then why do you spend roughly 50% more on food every month than you should?

Oh!  OK.  I understand you’re not a coupon-clipper.  Neither am I.  But I still don’t spend more than I should on food each month.  And, I eat pr-e-t-t-y good.  There is no food inflation in my house.

If someone who is single and not responsible for buying their own food can save someone $65 a month just because they read this book then maybe someone who has a real monetary interest in having money to eat on can save a lot more.

Still don’t know what I’m talking about?  Take a gander to Buckets of Food For Pennies and while you’re there you might want to sign up for their newsletter.  If nothing else, it has a smashingly good cookie recipe that comes with the first-edition Welcome letter.   Who knows?  Maybe you’ll be riding around in a smartCar.  You know they don’t call them smartCars for nothing.



Watching the Headlines: R-i-p-p-p

RIPPED! from the Headlines

Fuel Cells for the Smart Car? and The Euro and the US Stock Market

Two things that need to be noted that I noticed in the headlines

The first one MAY involve the future of the Smart Car.  Diamler just released to the media more pictures of fuel cells…  Hmm…  That’d be nice, huh?

The second one is the about the Euro and the market.  The European currency is expected to weaken against the dollar because “the downturn in the European economy is expected to turn out to be worse than that of the U.S.”    Maybe the people, read Bush Admininstration and Associates, have it right that they are for a strong dollar but against “temporary” fixes like Japan did more than a decade ago and to some degree still doing.

Make note if you’re in stock market, expect to be in the stock market, short in the stock market, or anything inbetween.  What do you think this means?  Hint, hint?

Patrick Lalande

Smart Car Vending Machine

I was wondering when this would happen.

So you don’t want to wait a year and a half for your Smart Car?   From Japan, someone is thinking of you.  The Smart Car vending machine.


Smart car mia culpa

Boy did I have it wrong! Smart car smarter than I thought.

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

I just got done musing that 5.9 litres per 100 kilometres was somewhere close to the smart car’s specs…   I want you to know its not even close.  If I’m reading a press release I have in front of me correctly, and by evidenced, I don’t always do that, the smart car (cdi) comes in at 3.3 litres per 100 kilometres.  More to come later.


Smart Car creator Daimler AG announces new battery tech for 2008 Geneva Auto Show

New battery technology is holy grail of many car companies

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

Stuttgart, Mar 04, 2008

A news release from Daimler AG, the same company that brings you Mecedes and Chryslers and our little friend, the smart car, will be displaying some new technology at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show.  Among the technologies that they will be displaying is;

As a world first, the Stuttgart company has succeeded in developing the lithium-ion technology so far used mainly in the consumer electronics sector to a stage where the high demands of the automotive industry are met. The new battery technologywill first enter series production in the S 400 BlueHYBRID in the coming year.

and they mention a that the engine in the BlueHYBRID is going to be a 2.2 litre 4-cylinder and that;

fuel consumption is further reduced to

just 5.9 litres per 100 kilometres.

Just for the record books, I’m thinking that is in-line with the standard gasoline-powered smart car but in a compact SUV.  I hope GM has something like this up their sleeve.

I need to be able to easily convert these comsumption figures into miles per gallon to wrap my mind around them.  Does anyone have a formula for this? 


Smart Car Test Drive Scarcity

Smart Car test drive offer may generate more interest than “Dan’s Bake Sale”

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

Smart Car Fortwo  Smart cars are hard to come by.  From all indications test drives are too.  There is a long waiting list for the car. 

I cruised by a local dealership and didn’t see one car on the lot… I’ll keep checking. 

In the meantime, although too far away for me to partake, a Chattanooga, TN car dealer is going to have a test drive day.  If you’re interested, the article link is below.  

Test Drive the Smart Car for One Day Only in Chattanooga 

This event may have more interest than “Dan’s Bake Sale”, Continue reading

One short observation about the smart car, the ForTwo

607752_1080896_5440_4080_556921_984153_320x240.jpg I wish I’d said that! 

 Patrick Lalande on WordPress

Unparalleled Parking


My favorite line explained how I felt when I first saw the car.

What’s your favorite thing about these cars?

Their appearance. They’re just so cute, you want to take the car home. It’s like seeing a puppy in the window of a pet shop.

So, is that how you feel about it?