Recession: Our Cruise Has Now Ended

Ah! The Recession – Our Cruise Ship Now

For my readers that have been following my recession series, here is one more for you.  And if you have been following it you can start here.

Our Cruise Has Now Ended

Our cruise has now ended.  Please be careful while exiting the ship.  For those that need help, there are stewards near every evacuation station, and if not, will be there shortly.  Please be patient.

It’s seems that our cruise ship has solidly hit the bottom, ground to a slow progression and, then, finally hit the rocks.   That’s where we find ourselves today.  The Dow at 8852, the S&P under 1000, and the Nasdaq somewhere  near the 1700 mark.  Continue reading


Spending, Inflation, data, hit – This story is written by the headline

Another headline, another day.

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

photo_2808_20070815-crumpled-dollar-bill-2_400x180.jpg  Do you remember  “Recession headline: Bears like sinking ships“?  Keep it in mind when you read the rest of this story.

I awoke from a fitful sleep to read a headline that pretty much says it all.

Spending, inflation data to hit Wall St.  I would add “this week”. Continue reading

Interest rates drop – Recession dead ahead


Fed rate cut not enough to forestall recession or falling stock prices

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

The Fed interest rate cut is not enough to forestall a recession.  Think of it like this.

A big ship (the economy or the stock market) is full under way towards its next port of call (a growing, stable economy) when a storm (the sub-prime loan fiasco) pops up.   The storm winds whip up waves (little glitches in a capitalist system) and blow on the ship until, instead of pointing toward a safe harbor, is now pointing towards rocks (a recession).  Continue reading