Process of Economic Meltdown toward recession Explained – Ship rocks

Too late.  There’s no way off the ship 

Seldom does the story live up to the hype of a good headline but I have been a headline reader for most of my life. 

This article, “America’s economy risks the mother of all,

By Martin Wolf,  Dated Tue Feb 19, 1:25 PM ET, and found on Yahoo business news, really has a great story to tell.  Martin sums it up beautifully when he says; Continue reading


Recession: Looks like the ship will sink like the hearts

Recession hits the heart     hearts-for-valentines-day-chance-agrella_320x240.jpg

If you want to know the future just read the headlines 

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

I see more and more articles just like the one below.  They are everywhere.

I was doing some last minute browsing before going to bed and ran into an article which headline speaks more about the economy and the “recession” than it realizes.  Just the fact that this was placed in the business section of a major news site tells me that someone thought there was a need.   

10 tips for a fun — but frugal — Valentine’s Day

Do you have a honey, but not a lot of money? Try these economical ideas

Written by a MSNBC Money contributor, Laura T. Coffey, this story may not get the play with people that may need it.  I thought I’d take the time to pass it along for the benefits of my readers and to reinerate the idea that every little headline adds up. 

roses-for-valentines-day-2-chance-agrella_320x240.jpg   Also, call me a romantic.  I want to be clear here, but I believe the simple, yet creative,  gifts for any occasion mean more than spending a lot of money.

But there were days…


“Recession – Your job” just another headline?

Headline speak: Recession gets louder

Patrick Lalande on WordPress

As  an example of the reading the headlines to read the future, I offer this blog post from today.  It makes my point that how people feel means more than economists’ opinion.

I quote:

Is Your Job Recession Proof? « share my staff

With the economic forecast looking grim, the housing market at an all time high in foreclosures, and lay offs on the rise, the “R” word is starting to be used to describe what is happening to the U.S. economy.  The last thing you would want to do right now is take time off from your job to go on a long vacation.  When you get back, your position could be cut.

Now is the time to take those steps to recession proof your job…

I suggest that these thoughts may be on the minds of us “consumers” throughout the coming summer.  Think about it.


Is it just Me or are We in a Recession?

When a recession happens, unemployment goes up, and inflation slows but usually doesn’t stop. 

Housing turns down.  Everyday there are more houses on the market but no one to buy them. 

More and more people go into debt to cover their living expenses.  Credit cards are used to buy food.  There is not enough money to make ends meet.  Defaults and bankruptcies climb. 

Everyone, the banks, the credit card companies, the mortgage companies all want their money.  To stay afloat, People pick up second and third jobs to help them through the tough times.  This even may help those lucky few that can find them. 

The need for charity goes up, but the money stream dries up, and needs go unmet. 

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