Superb job Mr RL, I can have a drink now!

I couldn’t drink the water.  Do you have this problem?

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Quality tap water was only a distant dream.  Water at my new house wasn’t drinkable, even though I have a complete water system installed.  My mini-aussies (picture below) wouldn’t even touch it.

The problems were numerous.  The well hadn’t been used in over a year.  It was too salty because of the water softner.  It had a funny smell and it tasted most like dead, fish tank water. 

I’d never had to care for a water system before as I’ve always made use of municiple water and a filtered water jug.  That was enough until I moved.  Now, the entire household was drinking and cooking with bottled water because of the problems listed above.  How did I deal with it? 

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inventRight co-founder Surprises!

inventRight Founder offers a surprising value to Inventors

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inventRight co-founder Andrew Krauss  inventRight Co-founder Andrew Krauss

At one time or another, most of us has said  things like “Someone should invent that.” or “I wonder why (___fill in the blank product___) never made it to market.”  And one of my favorites; “I’m stuck. I have this idea but where do I go from here?”

Recently, these questions were rattling through my head when I was introduced to Andrew Krauss, co-founder, along with Stephen Keyes, of  I was very impressed.  Consider the re-print of the e-mail below as a testimonial of my experience.  I just sent it to Andrew and I can’t think of anyone who I have dealt with in my business career that deserves it more. 

Dear Andrew,
Thank you so much for your suggestions on my project. 
It was not unusual to receive an invitation to a tele-seminar after signing up for an e-mail list.  What did surprise me is that I felt there was no sales pitch at any time during the hour I listened.  What came through was a very sincere desire to help those that attended. 
Even more unusual was that you offered attendees the chance to call and speak directly one-on-one with you, if they had any questions that were not answered during the tele-seminar.
I called the next day and was flabbergasted to hear you pick up your own phone.  No answering service, no run-around; nothing but a concerned, understanding voice who spoke to me as if he knew what I needed.
The suggestions you gave me, even before you found out that I wasn’t a paying customer, was the best advertisement you could have offered, but you enhanced that feeling when you continued to answer my questions. 
Thank you for being such a fresh, honest, trumpeter of the common man.  I will emphatically recommend you, your products, and services to anyone who has the need. and Andrew Krauss, where honesty meets integrity. 
Patrick Lalande

I will post here to inform you, my readers, my project’s progress.  So if you are interested in following along, please feel free to make use the RSS feed and the invention tag.